Iname is using knowledge and intelligence of the East and West. In particular, the data analysis approach and systematic computations are applied to generate recommended names. According to Chinese traditional nomenclature and research results revealed by top ranking universities like UCLA, Harvard, etc., the group of people bearing a better or positive name is, on average from statistics, possesses competitive advantages in academic studies, career, income earning, wealth, social status or even life span over the general or adverse name users. A good and appropriate name by all means should be able to boost the confidence of a client and to change his fate to betterment.

These data is certainly essential for accurate and comprehensive computations.

Iname is using A.I. technologies to manage the data and computing. Due to the complexity, as well as unpredictable service demands, the professional report will usually be completed within 24 hours after full receipt of the service fee payment.

Clients can pay through electronic payment platforms or by credit cards. All service fees and products charges are denominated in either HK$ or US$.

If there is an existing name being in use, a client can either (1) formally change his legal identity in all aspects; (2) reserve the use of the old name in legal documents and proceedings, but to adopt the new one in work and social networking as an alias.

For Chinese name creation, the base to compute and to interpret must be by reference to traditional Chinese character.

We need as much information as possible. However, if certain data is not available, Iname will try all possible means to analyse, research, infer in order to complete and conclude our report.

Please use the “Disscussion Booking Service” on our website to secure a free discussion session on Internet/ mobile phone. You may like to talk to Dr. Wah before or after the professional report is issued.

To satisfy or even exceed our client’s expectations is our mission. Please liaise with our Client Relation Officer for assistance.

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