Dr. Wah's Nomenclature©®

  • Born in Hong Kong, Dr Wah is a seasoned professional, chairman and executive director of a listco in HKEX.
  • Extensive studies in Eastern and Western culture.
  • Stunning breakthough to create the theory “Dr. Wah’s Nomenclature”©®
  • Providence vs Human Rules Paradigm ??

In today’s competitive environment, so much of our time and energy are spent on getting ahead in the race. People pause to wonder if their life is truly fulfilled? Are they heading in the right direction of their choices? Are you mastering your own life?

Is a name only an identity or a set of words by which a person is known, addressed, or referred to? Should it also generate spiritual power to reshape our lives and reinvent our fate? A name usually embedded with the wishes and values of the one who creates it but does the creator rely only on metaphysics or has he embraced all constituents of a good name?

With our moving into a digital world, we see many people remain heavily relying on Metaphysics in naming but ignoring the scientific aspects. If there is a holistic approach helping you to create a name for yourself (or for your children) which adopts all relevant metaphysics and the most advanced AI technology, this is no doubt will be what you are longing for.

Good life and bad life? Haunting in Dr. Wah’s mind for years was this question: “Are those all-time winners all have marvelous fate?”

In a glimmering morning during typhoon, Dr. Wah strolled along the dam of Plover Cove Reservoir alone.  The desolate environment of the mighty nature swiftly cleared up Dr. Wah’s mind, upon which an inspirational answer hopped out to the question in his mind for decades.

Dr. Wah amalgamated I-Ching, nomenclature and a brocade of knowledge as well as case studies to invent his masterpiece “Dr. Wah’s Nomenclature” ©®! This new Nomenclature is theoretical and culturally rational, scientific, and using clearly defined step-by-step approach to dissect a name. With application of mathematical and quantifying formulae, this Nomenclature can analyse and presents clearly the strengths, weaknesses and rating of a name which are readily understood by individual clients and relevant target audience. Through additional one-to-one or face-to-face sessions, Iname can also guide you towards formulating a practical execution plan that will maximize your potential.

Iname Creativity’s mission is to create excellent names for people. Our team has a well defined objective to guide people moving forward in their personal life meaningfully, grasping a brighter future while hand-holding them during their life journeys.

Providence versus Human Rules Paradigm

The Chinese culture and similarly in Buddhist doctrine interpret Providence as truth and reality which ordinary people are incapable to understand or explain. This can only be appreciated or realised spiritually.

Dr. Wah’s Nomenclature and Predestined Relationship Index PRI© both have fully grasped human rules paradigm, with logical approach using real data, algorithm solutions and statistical science. All these are very convincible to well educated clients in the new era.  Among friends, business associates, and colleagues, Dr Wah plays the role of their visionary mentor.


Integrating Eastern and Western culture and with adoption of most advanced scientific and statistical approach, Dr. Wah has innovated a scientific nomenclature model, an absolute original of such kind.

Incorporating the mathematical approach of the Chinese monumental philosophic literature “I Ching”, classical ideology literature, philosophic as well as nomenclature and fusion with modern methodical statistics, psychology, phonetics and nomenclature to develop an innovative nomenclature model.  This model is in total consistence with modern thinking and values, an ideal tool to empower people to achieve inspirations. What’s more, the model comprises international interchangeable functions and is absolutely an originality.


Algorithm process applied on a high quantum of data to assess and evaluate positive and negative aspects of a name. In addition, Dr. Wah has also invented PRI© to provide specialized appraisal of the relationship of two persons.

Algorithm process applied on a high quantum of data to assess and evaluate positive and negative aspects of a name. Results are scientifically ranked to judge predicted fate of the person. This Algorithm model also forms the foundation of the “Predestinated Relationship Index PRI©”, an exclusive tool to assess relationship of individual persons.

The Index is typically used to assess married couples or lovers’ relationship, but is also effectively applicable to 1+1 personal relationship. It provides clear yardsticks for reckoning the names and gives all angles’ assessment of the relationship by dissecting, comparing, categorizing and explicit explanation of all elements of the names. The assessment results give clear pictures to define satisfactory levels and potential evolvement of the relationship.

Furthermore, Iname Creativity® uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence*) to create brilliant names, the lifetime engine to boost confidence, energize proactiveness, and transfigure one’s fortune in entering into the course of a happier life.

* Quoting the definition by Professor Ajay Agrawal of the University of Toronto, Canada – A.I. is a theory of prediction, used for searching of missing information. In simple terms, it is the use of current data on hand to predict missing unknown data.


Everyone has his or her unique set of beliefs and values. Iname Creativity® was established to help people accomplish their own beliefs and values.

With everyone has his or her specific set of beliefs and values, it is natural for people trying to instill similar sets of beliefs and values to their offspring.  Such desire is most commonly fulfilled at the creation and choosing of names for new born babies.

Why do lots of adults also want to change their names?  The reason is obvious – transforming to a better life, and attainment of his or her beliefs and values — taking a courageous step of changing the name.

The I-Ching has three fundamental concepts and one of these is “Change”. Going for Change requires one’s strong will and determination to strive for future betterment.    Iname Creativity® helps people to fulfil their will to create and change for excellent names.


All team members of Iname Creativity® possess high academic qualifications or are senior professional practitioners.

The Iname Creativity® team comprises of senior professional practitioners, expertised IT programmers and analysts, elite designers and marketers, all dedicated to help clients accomplish their beliefs and values.

The naming concept

Is our life decreed by fate? Does anyone have the right and choice to improve or revoke his or her fate?

Chinese traditional wisdom

One traditional Chinese wisdom tells that there are five factors influencing one’s fortune in the following priority order: first being fate by birth; second being luck; third being Feng Shui; fourth being virtue to others; and the fifth and last one being learning. The fate by birth is innate as no one can make choice of his/her own birth time. But how about the other four priorities?

Strictly speaking, except the fate by birth, the other four fortune factors can be self manageable. It is one’s own choice to walk an extra step or not.

One’s fate could hardly be changed, but remedial actions could be taken at the early days of a baby’s birth, with the purpose of implanting favourable catalysts to enable the baby gain a healthier and brilliant life. And it will never be too late for adults. A chance we must not let go!

One common goal for most people in changing or creating a new name is to improve fortune. And such new name is commonly regarded as an “alias”, which incorporates and blooms one’s beliefs and values for betterment.

Chinese and Western concepts

Both Chinese and Western communities recognize the importance of a good name. Only differences are the guiding principle and methodology in the creation process. We all view the name as one’s identity. Everyone no doubt wants his or her identity to deliver his or her beliefs and values and be a recognized figure of the society.

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