Create harmonized Chinese names for foreigners (D)




Over past 3 decades, millions of foreigners travelling in an out of China for business, cultural exchange, studying, and even marriage engagements. An appropriate Chinese name would certainly be beneficial and effective in bridging cultural gap between a foreigner and his/her Chinese counterparts.

In Mainland China, most foreigners use transliterated Chinese names, ignoring the traditional Chinese ideological methods of name creation. Consequently, many of such transliterated names are difficult to pronounce, meaningless and hard to engrave in memory. This means missing of opportunities to achieve purposes and bigger success as described in the above paragraph.

Iname is conversant with Chinese and English languages. We serve people of different nationalities and ethnic groups to create appropriate Chinese names using Dr. Wah’s Nomenclature. This is an indispensable first step for our foreigner clients to build effective communication and networks with Chinese people all over the world.

Iname will deliver Chinese and English version reports explaining context behind the created Chinese name and its meaningful correlations with the original foreign name.