Sincere Services

*  Only one product can purchase for one time

Assess a name to reckon fate
Assess a name to strive for betterment
Give names to new born babies
Create harmonized Chinese names for foreigners
Create an academic name
Assess a couple’s relationship
(or 1+1 personal relationships)

Booking services and consultation

  1. Select a service
  2. Follow payment steps
  3. Client receives a questionnaire via email
  4. Client replies answered questionnaire
  5. Schedule a time slot for dialogue
  6. Iname Creativity® provides a report (by SMS, WhatsApp, Wechat, Signal or email)

To ensure every client receives top quality committed services and customized counselling by Dr. Wah, Iname Creativity® only provides the following services daily:

  • Accepts 2 bookings of services (service charge includes a 30-minute session via mobile phone/video to dialogue with Dr. Wah). Press for booking.
  • Free by-appointment consultation of 15-minute each for interested parties. Press for booking.

Important note

It is common that a client will book further services after selecting a Sincere Service A to E separately. For example:
  1. Book A and then decide to book B.
  2. Book B and then decide to book F.
  3. Book for 1 person for either A or B, and then decide to have 2 persons for F.

If an additional Sincere Service is required, Iname will offer a special discount to these combined services. A client must within 14 days of the 1st professional report, decides to book and to pay the combined service fee. Please contact our Customer Relation Officer for information.