Assess a couple’s relationship (or 1+1 personal relationships) (F)




It is miraculous to discover that a couple’s Chinese names are similar to “Da Vinci Code” which reveals traits to reflect the couple’s relationship – secure, fragile, sweet, eternal…

Under what occasions will a couple want to assess their relationship? There are four main situations we have identified :

1. At early stage of knowing each other, one of them is restlessly worrying about the outcome of their future togetherness.

2. At the same moment, one is fond of two or more counterparts and cannot decide whom one should choose to advancing the relationship.

3. Upon deciding on a marriage, hesitation arisen with one of the couple.

4. After marriage or living together, increasing disputes in getting along with each other and the question of separation evolves.

This assessment of a couple’s relationship by computing their “PRI”©  is highly complex and time consuming. Normally, this type of project takes a minimum of 48 hours to complete.

If under situations above, would it be workable to restore the relationship if one (or even both) of the couple changes his/her name? Iname will endeavor to change one’s name alongside with some counselling services, hopefully to restore the brittle couple back to a happy relationship as before. It is also the aim of this course of exercise to bring a fondness and harmonious betterment of the couple’s future.

The PRI© can also be applied to predict relationships between 2 persons in situations like HR employment, business partners, friends, work superior/subordinate, etc. Interested parties, please contact our Relationship Officer.