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Brand Story

Are you the master of your own life?

Your name is more than just an identity
It is the key to a happy and rewarding life

  • The red, white and blue colours symbolize passion, clarity and rationality respectively.
  • The team of Iname Creativity serves clients with passion in analysing names and relevant PRI©(Predestinated Relationship Index©) rationales at all stages from simplicity to profundity. Only with such passion we can bring most satisfaction to clients matching with their desire and inspiration.
  • There is one objective for both Iname Creativity and Dr. Wah’s Nomenclature ©® – to transform people by steering them moving towards a rewarding future and refraining from falling into any swindled traps.
  • We blend diverse knowledge and wisdom, ancient and modern, western and oriental. Iname Creativity was established to help creating good names. Good name wanted!
  • The services we offer on marriage and lovers’ relationship is named “Predestinated Services”. Is fate or other causes such as names that bring people together? We advise how you can pragmatically pull the right cause elements to reach a harmonized love relationship.

Brand Meaning

A person’s name is his/her “Brand”. Our establishment is serving you in creating an excellent Chinese name which will transform your life:

  • Knowing yourself, grasping chances.
  • Expand your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses.
  • Create a new name to mark a re-start.
  • Aware of PRI, realize relationship behaviour.
  • Passionate consultation brings better life.
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Visions & Missions


Iname Creativity® serves top quality customised nomenclature services align with client’s visions and values. We work with you together from the set-out point and throughout every stage of your life-time success. Iname Creativity® destines to become the world’s most recognized organization in nomenclature services as well as a social relationship platform providing other added values.


• Elite services, exceed clients’ expectations.
• Bespoke advice, achieve clients’ dreamed life.
• Clients’ privacy, absolute confidential.
• Modern technologies, professional and exclusive expertise